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Outpatient Mental Health Counseling in Selmer, Tennessee

Need to find outpatient mental health services near Selmer, Tennessee? Kentucky Hope Counseling may be the lowest-cost option. Kentucky Hope Counseling Provides mental health counseling in Selmer, Tennessee, via online or in-person appointments.


Outpatient Mental Health Counseling in Selmer, TennesseeOur team at Kentucky Hope Counseling understands that behaviors, thoughts, and emotions may not support the prosperous life we expected. If you feel that the people, places, and things of your life exhaust and consume you daily, please know that we are here to help.

Whether you are looking for an in-person counseling session or want to receive Counseling over the phone or online, Hope Counseling offers an outpatient mental health services program in Selmer, Tennessee! Hope Counseling helps adults and teenagers struggling with anxiety, depression, harmful thoughts, trauma, and PTSD. We also help with anger management, family conflict, relationship issues, isolation, and loneliness.

How can we help you or a loved one who struggles with emotions? Kentucky Hope Counseling uses a biblical, Christ-centered process, along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, and Reality Therapy. Hope Counseling’s Christian therapy mixes spiritual elements with professional mental health counseling. Other benefits include sharing moral values and emphasizing positive relationships in a loving Christian community. Whether you join Counseling in-person or online, you can find a new awareness of belonging and connection.

Kentucky Hope Counseling in Selmer, Tennessee, for Both Adults and Teens.

Outpatient Mental Health Counseling in Selmer, TennesseeKentucky Hope Counseling understands that struggling men, women, and teens want a secure setting to receive personal mental health counseling. Hope Counseling’s Individual and Group Therapy helps them heal from emotional and mental disorders brought on by trauma, foster care, adoption, or family genetics. That’s why we now offer virtual Individual Therapy sessions from our offices in Sebree, Kentucky.

Online Counseling in family and relationship therapy in Selmer, Tennessee, is also available for groups of three or more. For many family and group members, having a Christian foundation and trust in Jesus Christ for strength leads to more consistent growth and positive results.

Kentucky Hope Counseling offers online couples counseling in Selmer, Tennessee, with counselors who use biblical principles to restore relationships, including in marriages troubled by infidelity or sexual issues. Our experienced counselors help each couple see and understand their relationship better, develop practical tools for dealing with conflict, and strengthen their bond. Our licensed counselors also help unmarried couples explore deeper issues before marriage.

Kentucky Hope Counseling emphasizes forgiveness and helps its patients focus on healing the toxic emotions they struggle against, encouraging forgiveness for themself and those who may have wronged them. And most importantly, we teach how to receive the unconditional love that God offers, no matter what has been thought, said, or done. Embracing God’s forgiveness and unconditional love can transform one’s life and relationships and start you on a journey of living well, now and in the future.

Online or In-Person Mental Health Services in Selmer, Tennessee

Outpatient Mental Health Counseling in Selmer, Tennessee

Our outpatient treatment or online Counseling can be the best choice if you aim to get help but can’t skip work, disrupt school attendance, or step away from other duties.

Kentucky Hope Counseling offers services via a secure virtual environment online, connected to our remote counselors. For telehealth mental health counseling in Selmer, Tennessee, outpatient clients can receive group-based or individual Counseling without needing to come to our offices.

Different mental health services in Selmer, Tennessee, are available through Hope Counseling. This helps you transition from more frequent treatment to less intensive therapy as you can cope with less clinical support.

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Selmer is a town in McNairy County, Tennessee, United States, in the southwestern part of the state. The population was 4,541 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of McNairy CountyGR. It is named after Selma, Alabama. Buford Pusser served as the sheriff of McNairy County from 1964 to 1970.

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