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Military Service and Mental Health

Mental Health In The Military

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Military life is not easy. With the combination of grueling physical training, demanding schedules, separation from familiar support systems, and the ever-present risk of deployment, the stress on all fronts can be overwhelming. Both the expectations present in active duty environments and the lack of structure upon discharge can lead to struggles with mental health problems and other life-controlling issues for many current and former military members.

Active Duty And Mental Health Issues

Online counseling Kentucky Hope CounselingThe day-to-day lives of active duty service people are strictly ordered. Each branch of the armed forces maintains a highly structured schedule, detailed rules of operation (and engagement for those in combat zones), and tight standards of dress, fitness, cleanliness, and substance intake. Any personnel must submit to random testing, and negative results can lead to dishonorable discharge and even criminal charges.

Likewise, scrutiny of soldiers’ personal decorum while on duty is high, so working under the influence of substances is a difficult feat to achieve (though not impossible). This framework can provide a great deal of protection against mental health problems.

Veterans With Mental Health Issues

When a person is discharged from the military, the loss of active duty structure can be jarring. No longer guided by rigorous expectations, these men and women can have extreme difficulty readjusting to civilian life. Many veterans wrestle with “invisible wounds,” or severe psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury, and depression. To cope with the effects of these conditions, including helplessness, shame, insomnia, and survivor’s guilt, some veterans turn to poor life choices. That’s when online counseling can help.

Kentucky Hope Counseling Response

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Active duty personnel and veterans often pay a disproportionately high price for their military service. In many cases, the real battle begins when they return home. Hope Counseling, part of Teen Challenge Southeast, recognizes the need to help these hurting men and women find freedom from mental health problems and life-controlling issues. Kentucky Hope Counseling offer low-cost online counseling to men, women, and teens. Teen Challenge Southeast believes the best answer to the problem of mental health is found in Jesus Christ. Further, the ministry understands that many of these men and women will require an Online or In-Person Mental Health program specifically tailored to address their mental health issues in a means compatible with their current or previous military service and training.

Take Advantage of Kentucky Hope Counseling’s Online or In-Person Mental Health Services Now!

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Different levels of mental health services are available at Kentucky Hope Counseling. This helps you transition from more frequent treatment to less intensive therapy as you show an ability to manage your mental health with less clinical support. 

If you want to learn more about affordable, in-person and telehealth mental health services for men, women, and teens, contact Kentucky Hope Counseling now. Call 866-443-1481, or visit our website: https://kentuckyhopecounseling.com/contact-us/