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Mental Health Counseling For Depression

Hope Counseling of Kentucky Helps Men, Women, and Teens Who Suffer From Depression

Mental health counseling

Hope Counseling of Kentucky Provides In-person and Virtual Online Counseling for Depression.

Looking for mental health services for depression?

Whether you are looking for an in-person counseling session, or want to receive virtual counseling over the phone or online, Hope Counseling of Kentucky in Sebree, Kentucky offers outpatient mental health services for men, women, and teens!

Understanding the Symptoms and Effects of Depression    

Hope Counseling of Kentucky can help you or a loved one who suffers from depression, which is more than simply sadness or a feeling of impending doom.  It is an omnipresent sensation of hopelessness, despondency and worthlessness that surrounds your life, leaving you in distress without relief.    

Symptoms of depression can include loss of interest in once-enjoyed activities and hobbies, changes in appetite, weight or sleep, reduced energy, irritability, self-hatred, a hard time concentrating and inexplicable aches and pains.   

Many people do not accurately understand depression, and some who suffer from it decline to seek treatment, troubled by the shame that may be attached to being identified with the illness.    

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Treatment for depression normally requires at least some level of professional assistance. Therapy at Hope Counseling of Kentucky might well be combined with medication to help you regain a more balanced approach to life’s challenges.    

Counseling—virtual online or in person, allows a client to reveal root causes of the depression as well as provide effective coping strategies for dealing with the feelings of helplessness and anguish. You might find respite of symptoms by making healthy changes in your nutritional and exercise habits, or by adding stress management techniques.  Most people respond well to treatments, and have partial or total recovery from symptoms.

As a loved one of an individual struggling with depression, it may be difficult to recognize the symptoms. He or she may demonstrate enmity, crabbiness and loss of temper.   

Depression is also a major cause of suicide, for about 1 of every 10 people with depression. This emphasizes the importance of seeking treatment early for depression,  rather than hoping things will work out on their own. Unfortunately, about half the people who have depression never try to obtain diagnosis or treatment.    

Childhood depression is different from the normal blues and everyday emotions most kids feel. If your child is sad, it doesn’t mean they have depression. But when their sadness stays day after day, depression may be an issue. Disruptive behavior that interferes with normal social activities, interests, schoolwork, or family life may also be signs of depression.

A lot of teens feel unhappy or moody. But if your teen’s sadness lasts for more than 2 weeks and they have other symptoms of depression, there may be a problem. Watch for their withdrawal from friends and family, a drop in their performance at school, or use of alcohol or drugs. Talk to your doctor and find out if your teen may be depressed. There’s  effective treatment that can help them move beyond depression as they grow older.    

If you are an adult and experience depression, it can also cause physical symptoms. Those may include joint pain, back pain, digestive problems, sleep trouble, and appetite changes. You might have slowed speech and movements, too. The reason is that your brain chemicals linked to depression, specifically serotonin and norepinephrine, play a role in both mood and pain..

When Should I Seek Help? 

If your symptoms of depression are causing problems with your relationships, work, or family — and there isn’t a clear solution — you should see a professional. Talking with them can help prevent things from getting worse, especially if your symptoms last.

Hope Counseling of Kentucky, part of Teen Challenge Southeast, provides outpatient in-person or virtual online counseling for men, women, teens and children struggling with depression, as well as anxiety, harmful thoughts, trauma, and PTSD. We also help with anger management, family conflict, relationship issues, isolation, and loneliness.

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If you want to learn more about affordable, in-person and virtual online mental health services for men, women, and teens, contact Hope Counseling of Kentucky now. Call 866-443-1481, or visit our website: https://kentuckyhopecounseling.com/contact-us/

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